CodeINg Sunday

22 September 2019 Sunday
From 2:00 PM
To 5:00 PM

Sunday is the time for something that you love, for a hobby, for hanging out with friends...
We offer you all those things at once - Code IN Sunday!

With our friends from Polygon Junior Academy our planned series of events, on which we will code, we will talk, we will watch movies and have fun.

This Sunday, the program continues with the topic - Astronomy and Programming, or more specifically the Programming in Astronomy 2 - Artificial satellites.

We watched a presentation of an open source software product, created in C # that clarifies the relationship between programming and astronomical research. We were acquainted with the astronomical events and traced the trajectories of some celestial bodies and constellations. In the second edition of the event about calculations and simulations, we will look at another very important point - the ISS International Space Station. After a short summary of the cosmonautics, that we will create together, we will explore what is the Bulgarian involvement in this and what is currently happening with the ISS.

Everyone is welcome at Cybar, optionally - take your PC with Visual Studio installed on it. We will work in a Windows environment.

Lecturers of the event - engineers Daniel Denev and Orlin Dimitrov.

See you there - Sunday - 14:00-17:00