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"BaseBand Academy" is a place for lessons, music workshops and camps for children and adults. The genres that we developing and perform are: pop; rock; blues and jazz. We have a rehearsal room and our own recording studio "Basemind"

Powwow Club offers a stage for concerts and music shows for the best BaseBand music projects. 

Music Classes

  • Our approach

    BaseBand Academy has an innovative approach to teaching and creating music.

    We do not teach classical instruments and classical techniques!

    At the BaseBand Academy, our meetings aim to:

    • teach you to play/sing beautifully;
    • to enrich your musical culture;
    • to acquire self-confidence and stage behavior;
    • to improve your technique;
    • to learn how to play in a group/band and work in a team;
    • to record your own or group performances at Basemind studio;
    • to be creative and have fun.

    Our main goal is to form and work with music groups/bands, so please, if you join us, have the same purpose and motivation.

    BaseBand Academy participants are accepted after showing basic music skills and capability to play on the instrument they wish to practice on.

Who we are

  • powwow people

    Rumen Popov

    guitar and vocal

    He has been playing and actively participating in music projects for over 20 years. He goes through a long process of learning different styles of music, which refines his skills and develops his own playing style.

  • powwow people

    Radoslav Todorov


    He has a long experience working with different music bands in Bulgaria and abroad. His life moto and his attitude to music are combined in a simple sentence, he shared with us: "The road to success in any aspect is Love." 


Applicants, who want to join need to make their request by email:, telephone +359 893506150 or on the spot.

Classes Regular Price Price for Club Members
Individual Class (per visit)
20 BGN
10 BGN
Group/Band class (per visit)
10 BGN

Learn more about club membership in Powwow Club.


BaseBand / ул. Ниш 3
5000 Велико Търново / България
Contact us
 +359 893506150