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BaseMind is a recording studio, where you can create your musical wishes. Everything from drums to effects is ready to lead you to fulfilling your ideas. This is done with a rich base of audio samples and an excellent environment for building the final product. Additionally, we have an quality studio equipment and a number of different musical instruments.

The studio can also be used for rehearsing for small bands and artists, as well as a place to develop your musical talents in the genres of pop, rock and jazz.

BaseMind provides the ability to attend lessons in Singing, Acting skills, Ventriloquism and dubbing.

Lessons take place every Tuesday and Thursday by Tsvetomira Kaleva (Tsurita)- a graduate actress with many years of musical experience in Bulgaria and abroad.

  • BaseMind services

    Prices, including VAT:

      Regular price for external clients Discount club price
    Music arrangement 30 BGN 24 BGN
    Mixing and mastering 90 BGN 72 BGN
    Sound recording /per hour/ 30 BGN 24 BGN
    Rehersal /per hour/ 25 BGN 20 BGN
    Editing vocal 40 BGN 32 BGN
    Editing instrument 20 BGN 16 BGN

    If you are interested and want to use the services, you need to make your inqury by e-mail:, by phone +359 893506406 or on site.

  • BaseMind Services - individual lessons

      Price for external clients (per 1 hour) Price for Club Members
    Singing 10 BGN Free for Club Members
    Acting Skills 10 BGN
    Acting Skills for Puppetry 10 BGN
    Ventriloquism 10 BGN
    Orthoepy and Dubbing 10 BGN

    Pre-registration is required by reservations button for Club Members. All interested who have not yet become club members can send an inquiry to

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BaseMind / 3 Nish street,
5000 Veliko Tarnovo / Bulgaria
Contact us
 +359 893 506 406