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BaseMind is a recording studio, where you can create your musical wishes. Everything from drums to effects is ready to lead you to fulfilling your ideas. This is done with a rich base of audio samples and an excellent environment for building the final product. Additionally, we have an established studio equipment and a host of musical instruments.

The studio can also be used for rehearsing for small bands and artists, in short, a small musical paradise. This is the basis of the mind, an unabated joy caused by the feeling of self-expression.

BaseMind works for your progress. We are here, we are sound.

BaseMind services

Prices, including VAT:

  Regular price for external clients Discount club price
Beat /per track/ 96 BGN 77 BGN
Music arrangement /per track/ 36 BGN 29 BGN
Mixing and mastering /per track/ 84 BGN 68 BGN
Sound recording /per hour/ 24 BGN 20 BGN /first hour is free/
Rehersal /per hour/ 24 BGN 20 BGN /first hour is free/
Voice processing /per track/ 48 BGN 39 BGN

BaseMind is a recording studio where you can create all your music desires. In order to do this, please make an inquiry at, over the phone at +359 893506406 or in person.


BaseMind / 3 Nish street,
5000 Veliko Tarnovo / Bulgaria
Contact us
 +359 893 506 406