Space Games - board games

16 April 2019 Tuesday
From 6:00 PM
To 10:45 PM

The fourth edition of the series - board games with our friends from "Da igraem" is dedicated to the World day of aviation and cosmonautics. The thematic games will include a variety of mechanics.

Among the games you can find the Gaia project, Terraforming Mars, Among the Stars, A Place in the Sun and Star Empires.

If you are a fan of aviation and cosmonautics or you just love board games, you are very welcome!
Let's play!

Start - after work, at 18:00.  

This year Powwow Club is celebrating 3th birthday!
We will party, not 1, not even 3 days, but a whole week!

To make the week, even more festive for our club members and friends we prepared a game.
The rules are very simple.
Take your "Invitation" from Cybar and try to visit as many Powwow events as you can, during the festive week from 15 - 21 April (Trainings, parties, gaming events, charity campaigns, etc).
Take the Invitation with you on every event and get a stamp for each joined activity. Do not forget that the stamp for every event will be different and you can receive the right one only from the barmen, the coaches or teachers.    
Who gathers minimum 5 stamps will receive a great gift at one of the events on Sunday, 21.04.2019, Cybar.

Are you interested in becoming a member of Powwow Club? Start with your registration now or learn more about our club membership.