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Club Membership

Powwow Club is a unique club that has its own culture!

Our interactive environment and creative atmosphere make the perfect spot for everyone who wants to be part of a community and seeks real communication, fun, security and peace.

If you would like to be part of this exclusive club, you can get your own club membership.

If you love being part of a community and you can follow rules,
If you are cool, curious and responsible,
If you like and understand all of this,

Club membership at Powwow Club gives you amazing opportunities, such as:

  • building new contacts and friendships;
  • attending all of our events for free;
  • bringing a friend to the events – also free of charge;
  • buying products from the bar at a discount club price;
  • having access to exclusive services and special club offers;
  • playing at our gaming stations;
  • offering and receiving help in order to make good ideas and events come to life;

Learn more about the different types of club membership and our exclusive services

  • Powwow culture

    Powwow Culture is our basic membership offer.

    Monthly Fee: 10 BGN.

    Powwow Culture entitles you to:

    • discount club prices on all products from Cybar and a club card (chip) for contactless payment at the bar
    • a personal account that you can load and monitor online
    • order online
    • attend all events for free
    • access to Cybar’s gaming stations
    • access to all board games
    • access to Powwow’s library
    • access to all services provided by Baseband and Basemind
    • access to exclusive Powwow Club services at club member's prices
    • two free visits to Kraftmagnet sports centre – you can use the gym or join a group practice of your choice

    POWWOW reserves its right to change the terms for use of club membership. Any changes will be communicated to our clients via e-mail and announced on!

  • Powwow body & culture

    We offer Powwow Body & Culture membership to all customers and friends, who like to have fun, but also love sports and taking care of their health.

    Monthly Fee: 50 BGN

    Powwow Body & Culture entitles you to:

    • discount club prices on all products from Cybar and a club card (chip) for contactless payment at the bar
    • a personal account that you can load and monitor online
    • order online
    • join all events for free
    • access to Cybar's gaming stations
    • access to all board games
    • access to Powwow's Club library
    • access to all services provided by Baseband amd Basemind
    • unlimited access to Kraftmagnet sports centre and all of its services
    • access to all organized sport events and group practices
    • consultations with our qualified coaches and an individual workout programme
    • leave your child /between the age of 5 and 12/ at Dodo Academy while you work out at Kraftmagnet or Healthmagnet, for up to 2 hours per day
    • access to all exclusive services at discount club prices

    *** If the club member who has paid for POWWOW BODY & CULTURE club membership, wants to train with their child, which is up to age of 17 years, included, they get this with no additional fee. By decision of the POWWOW management it is possible a second card for the child to be issues if he/she is between 14-17 years included. (The card serves only to open the door and visit the gym). The service is valid for one parent with one child. The price for such card is 5 leva, once.

    POWWOW reserves its right to change the terms for use of club membership. Any changes will be communicated to our clients via e-mail and announced on!

  • Exclusive powwow services

    Dodo Academy

    Dodo Academy is an exclusive service for our trusted members which is offered at the discretion of the POWWOW management team.

    If you are interested in using the Dodo Academy service, the procedure is as follows:

    • Club members notify the POWWOW club's management team by e-mail or phone about their desire to use Dodo Academy;
    • They are invited to meet with the manager of Dodo Academy.

    The price of the service 100 BGN per month.

    For more information please visit the Dodo Academy webpage.


    BaseBand is a place for music lessons, workshops and children and adult musical learning camps. The musical genres which are carried out at us are Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz.

    To learn more about the prices, conditions and capacity of the Powwow's musical workshop please visit the website of BaseBand.


    BaseMind is a sound recording studio, in which you can realize your musical cravings. Everything from drums to sound effects is ready and available to help you propel you to your musical imagination.

    To learn more about the conditions, prices and possibilities of Powwow's musical studio please visit the website: BaseMind.


    CybarTech is sort of a mix between a hackerspace and a hardware laboratory, with an outlook towards the domain of computers, machines, technologies and science. Software is made, hardware is tinkered with, and you are free to experiment.

    To learn more about the conditions, prices, and possibilities of the hardware workshop please visit the website: CybarTech.

    1. POWWOW reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of club membership. Customers will be promptly informed by email and through the website!
  • Registration

    In order to become a club member, you need to fill our registration form, and follow the steps for acquiring a club profile. Once the registration is done, you will already have your personal username and password for accessing your membership profile.

    Signing and submitting a membership application

    Following the initial registration step, you need to visit the administrative center of the club, situated in Veliko Tarnovo, 3 Nish street, and sign a membership application, with which you confirm your consent with the Club Constitution. Еvery visitor between the age of 16 and 18, willing to become a club member, in addition to registration and application form, must also have an agreement declaration for membership from his/hers parent. The declaration can be obtained in the bar and should be signed by one of the parents on the spot. This is done only once. Two copies of this agreement are filled in and signed – one copy is for the candidate, and the other one is for POWWOW club.

    Choosing a membership, and paying the fee

    Next, you should select a membership offer and pay for it at the bar. The receipt, along with the filled in and signed application form, should be handled to an employee of POWWOW club. Afterwards, your membership status will be activated. This is done from 09:00 to 19:00 o'clock on the same day, when the signed agreement is submitted, or on the next working day at the latest. You will receive a card (RFID chip), with which you identify yourself as a club member. The first membership card is issued free of charge. Provided that the card is lost, the cost of issuing a new one is 5 leva (VAT included). The card (chip) grants you access to all additional services of the POWWOW club, and allows you to make payments at the bar. A personal profile will be created, containing only your basic information from the registration form – username and password. Once created, your personal profile may be further modified and finalized by you.

    The card gives access to subscribed services in the subscription and non-contact payment at CYBAR.


    Membership subscriptions are monthly, and their duration is registered from the date of payment. Any member may discontinue their membership at any given time, but POWWOW club does not provide any compensation for that.

    Additional agreements

    Any club member, who wishes to use the gaming stations, visit KRAFTMAGNET gym, or use Dodo Academy should read and/or sign the following agreements:

    Agreement: Acceptable use of gaming equipment

    Sports center: Internal rules

    Sports center: Liability waiver form

    POWWOW Library: An agreement for acceptable use

    Membership account

    The membership subscription is personal, and it is not to be provided to other parties. It is highly recommended that club members do not purchase goods from the bar with discounts to customers who are not club members.

    Loading the membership account (card, chip)

    The loading (fund depositing) of membership accounts is done in CYBAR at the bar. Club Members can load money in their club account by depositing a sum greater than or equal to 5 BGN to the barmans. The member gets a receipt, and the deposited funds will be added to the personal membership account of the user. Deposited funds are instantly available for use. Deposited money cannot be refunded – it can be spent on products and services, offered in POWWOW club.

    Credit limit

    Each club member has a fixed credit limit of 10 leva. The credit limit is not a free consumption. It allows the member to continue purchasing when the funds in the membership account are depleted (with the idea of not spoiling his experience if it happens late at night or during an interesting event).
    All members should bear in mind that the available equipment and facilities of POWWOW club are shared among the members. This means that the principle "First in, first classify" is in rule.
    If a club member decides to terminate his Powwow Club membership, he must pay his credit limit debt and to terminate his contract with the club without credit limit debt.