Terms and conditions

By registering to www.powwow.bg you declare implicitly that you have read and understood the following Terms and Conditions (TAC). In addition, you also agree to refresh your knowledge periodically of the same Terms and Conditions. Provided that you do not fully agree with the listed TAC, please, consider not using this web page at all.

  • §1. Purpose

    (1) The following TAC have the purpose of setting the legal and professional relationships between Osceola EOOD on one side, and any user of www.powwow.bg (POWWOW in short) on the other.

    (2) The listed TAC constitute an Implied Contract between the user and Osceola EOOD. By agreeing to this contract, the user is granted rights to use the services of POWWOW only for personal and non-for-profit deeds.

  • §2. Definitions

    For clearer and unambiguous understanding, please, consider the following definitions when comprehending the TAC:

    • user is considered any individual that browses information, or engages in any of the services, provided by the POWWOW web page;
    • for information is considered to be any form of written text, picture, photo, logo, graphics, document, video, and sound which are accessible to the user via the web page;
  • §3. Registration Process

    (1) The registration process begins when a user fills accurately all requested information from the registration form. Once registered, the visitor receives a username and password, needed for profile accessing.

    (2) Choosing a username and password: the username is unique to every member. It is important, because the member uses it to log in the system. When choosing a password, the user should bear the following things in mind: the password length must be at least 6 symbols, should contain at least one number, and one capital letter.

    (3) The next step is when the registered user visits the club administration, located in Veliko Tarnovo, 3 Nish street, to fill and submit a hard-copy of the Membership Application Form. This application form is to ensure that new members are aware of the Club Constitution, and that members agree with it by signing the agreement. This is done only once.

    (4) Besides the Club Constitution, there are also several other agreements, which the member needs to read and understand. These agreements can be found on our web page here.

    (5) When filling the membership application form, any user is obliged to provide his/her real name, a valid telephone number, and a valid e-mail address. Any application that does not satisfy these conditions shall be considered as void.

    (6) When registering at powwow.bg, each user can subscribe to our newsletter. The newsletter serves to inform our club members and users about important and interesting information regarding the POWWOW club: upcoming events, new products and services, promotions and special offerings. In order to cancel your subscription, you only need to follow the pointed link in the newsletter message. Provided that you want to subscribe again, you need to send your e-mail address through the appropriate field on the home page.

    (7) The membership monthly fee is paid at the bar.

    (8) Once the application is submitted, along with the membership fee, a user profile is created.

    (9) From a user's profile, you can request the use of parking for club members. This is done by entering a vehicle registration number in the "Vehicle registration number" field on the Settings page. The field can also be used to change an existing number. Entering or changing a number requires administrator approval. The number is approved when a green check mark is visible above the field.

    (10) Osceola EOOD preserves its right to terminate/delete any POWWOW profile without prior warning whenever violations are detected.

  • §4. Intellectual Property Rights

    (1) The web page, Osceola POWWOW, along with the content on it, is a property of Osceola EOOD.

    (2) The user has rights to use information and services provided by POWWOW only for personal, non-for-profit deeds. Any commercial activities, related to using information from Osceola POWWOW is strongly forbidden.

    (3) Any kind of unauthorized copying, distribution, or modification of the information contained on the POWWOW site is highly illegal. The user agrees implicitly to not use POWWOW for illegal infringement of the intellectual property rights of Osceola EOOD, or of third parties.

  • §5. Links to other web sites

    POWWOW may contain links to other web sites of different kind. Osceola EOOD is not to be held liable for the information contained on these web sites. The responsibility lies entirely on the user that provided and placed the link on the POWWOW web page.

  • §6. User Responsibilities

    (1) Any user is obliged to comply with the restrictions listed below:

    1.1) Usage of information, which is considered insulting, threatening, vulgar, pornographic, intrusive, is restricted and will be deleted from the web page. Users that post such information will have their accounts terminated.

    1.2) Any user is restricted from posting information that is considered targeted propaganda. Such information is usually, but not limited to, of political, religious, or racial matter.

    1.3) Any user is restricted from distributing information that breaches Government laws and contract agreements. Such information is, but not limited to: personal information (ID numbers, health insurance, credit/debit card numbers, for example), contract information (prices, customer names, project names, invoices are just a few examples), information of which distribution is prohibited by intellectual property laws.

    1.4) Any user is prohibited from using the Username and Password of another POWWOW member.

    1.5) Any user is prohibited from giving to other parties his/her Username and Password for accessing his/her POWWOW profile.

    1.6) Any user is prohibited from distributing personal information of other parties which he/she gained from using the web page.

    1.7) Provided that any user has doubts, or lacks full comprehension, about any of the points of the TAC, he/she is obliged to contact the administrators of the site as soon as possible, by using the contact form of the web page.

    (2) The user is held responsible for any tangible, or intangible damage to Osceola EOOD that is caused by not complying with the listed TAC and the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

  • §7. Responsibilities of Osceola EOOD

    (1) Osceola EOOD is not to be held liable for any property damage, or infringement of any intellectual property rights, done to the users of the web page. In addition, Osceola EOOD is not responsible for the inability of some users to comply with the TAC and the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

    (2) Osceola EOOD is not to be held liable for any inaccuracies or mistakes in the information posted on the POWWOW web page by any user.

    (3) Osceola EOOD is not to be held liable for any information/content that is downloaded, in one way or another, from the POWWOW web page. Users are responsible for any information/content that they download from the web page. If any damage occurs (computer stops operating, for example) after downloading information/content from the POWWOW, the user is held entirely responsible for the consequences.

    (4) Osceola EOOD keeps the rights to remove any information from the POWWOW. This includes content like ( but not limited to): posts, comments, questions, events, any other type of information posted from users on the POWWOW web page.

  • §8. Concluding Points

    (1) Osceola EOOD keeps the right to make modifications to the TAC at any given moment. Current users shall be informed timely about such actions via their e-mail addresses.

    (2) The insignificance of any of the listed points in the TAC, does not imply insignificance to all other points of the TAC.