A control over the barrier is granted to all active club members with an approved parking request.

The barrier could be operated with your Member's Club Card or with your smartphone from the web site www.powwow.bg.

The operations with the Club card or access chip are possible, but might cause discomfort, since probably you will have to leave your car to put the Club card on the barrier's card reader.

The barrier is set to give you enough time to go back into your car and pass through until it closes again.

Much more convenient option is the remote operations from www.powwow.bg with your smartphone.

If you want to be able to use the remote opening option, you have to log in the site with your username and password at a suitable for you time – for example while you are at home. When you log into the site and visit the page “Parking Barrier”, an unique user code is generated – this is your personal E-key for the barrier. The key is stored in your smartphone's memory and for further usage there is no need for you to be logged into the site. The page for the barrier's operations is accessible from the main menu of the web site without the need of entering user name and password.

It is important to remember that if you clean your phone's cached browser contents, your key could be deleted from the phone and you have to log in the site www.powwow.bg with username and password to obtain it.

In order to operate the barrier with your smartphone your phone should be connected to the Internet and you need to push the "Open the parking barrier" button at the top of this page.

The barrier has an obstructions detection sensor and you should not worry that you or you car could be hit in case you pass through slowly.