• 1. What is this club membership deal?

    POWWOW club provides special services and products to its loyal and regular customers. Our different membership offers, gives the possibility for tailored customer experience. Plus, our regular guests receive quality products and services for less money.

  • 2. Who can apply for a POWWOW membership?

    Anyone who likes spending time in POWWOW club!

  • 3. Why do I need to load money in my club account?

    Only if you use funds from your club account, you get the discounted menu prices. If you pay cash at the bar, you will get the ordered products at their regular prices.

  • 4. Status: Expired - what happens with my loaded funds when I am no longer a club member?

    If your membership status expires, and you no longer want to be a club member, your deposited funds will still be available for use. However, these funds cannot be refunded, they can only be spent at the bar (online ordering is deactivated) for products, included in the menu. In this case, the products are sold at regular (not discounted) prices. When a user has his/her membership status expired, he/she is able to pay out his/her account liabilities, and to load additional funds.

  • 5. What is this credit limit, and why do I have to pay it?

    The credit limit is not a free consumption. It allows the club member to continue ordering, when the funds in the account are depleted. All club members have a fixed credit limit of 10 leva associated with their club accounts.

    For example, you have pre-paid (loaded) 20 lv. which are stored in your club (card, chip) balance – you consume until you are left with only 0.80 lv available, but you wish to order more products that cost 5 lv. let us say. In this situation, when you pay with your card (chip), the 0.80 lv. debit are subtracted, and the rest of the cost, 4.20 lv., goes to your balance as credit (delayed payment). Therefore, you will be able to repeat the order that cost 5 lv. and by doing so, increase further your credit balance to 9.20 lv. If you wish to have again a positive account balance of 20 lv. you will have to pay 29.20 lv. (9.20 lv. for the outstanding credit + 20 lv. for reaching the desired positive account balance);

  • 6. I paid for a POWWOW CULTURE membership, but I want to upgrade to POWWOW BODY & CULTURE. How should I do that?

    When upgrading to a higher membership level, the current membership duration is taken into consideration. Up to 15 (fifteen) days, since the beginning of the current subscription, the member needs to add enough money to cover the extra cost; once the fifteen-day period is passed, the member has to provide the whole sum, needed for the higher membership level.

  • 7. May I receive an extra membership card, so that I can give it to my child to visit KRAFTMAGNET with it?

    Yes, you may. Our POWWOW BODY & CULTURE club members may receive an extra membership card, which is to be used by their child. For full information, please, read through our Club Constitution

  • 8. May I use parking for club members?

    Yes, you may.  To do this, you must be a club member who has paid his club subscription for the current month. You need to enter your car's registration number in the appropriate box on your account's settings page.