Handmade recycled paper

08 August 2019 Thursday
From 1:00 PM
To 5:00 PM
Maximum number of participants: 10

How to recycle paper yourself?

In Dodo Academy, we'll show you how the unwanted paper can be recycled and transformed in greeting cards, business cards, banners, birthday invitations, book dividers, and many more…. It only takes two doses of patience and.... imagination.

Necessary products: 

Different paper products are used for the paper pulp:

- Old magazines;

- Old notebooks;

- Cardboard egg boxes;

- Office paper and more.

Various plant leaflets or thin threads, which remain as ornaments on the recycled paper itself, can also be used. Or, to put seedlings embedded in the paper, which then you can plant!

How about having flowers appearing from your birthday invitation!?!

Methods of preparation:


For more information: Join the event and get involved in making handmade recycled paper.

The event is for club members and their children! 

RECYCLE - Recycling is extremely important for environmental protection, as it allows the valuable natural resources to be reused.