13 September 2019 Friday
From 8:30 AM
To 9:30 AM

Start your day with a toning workout at Kraftmagnet!
Monday, Wednesday and Friday - introductory training course - Tabata, led by our trainer - Desi.

Desi will introduce us to the high-intensity Tabata workouts, starting from the beginner level and gradually moving the group towards the true nature of the workout program.

Tabata is a proven workout method, that is with a greater result in weight loss and muscle activation, and the fat burning process continues even up to several hours after a workout due to the structure of the exercise. The Tabata workout includes exercises that are performed for 20 seconds and alternated with a break of 10 seconds.

Start your day by treating your body and continue it with the incredible energy that will fuel you during the Tabata workout with Desi!