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Спортна бутилка

За горещо време, за студени напитки.

На вашето внимание - продукт на месеца: спортна бутилка Kraftmagnet.

Бутилката за вода е за многократна употреба, направена от тритан и с вместимост 650 мл. Брандирана е с логото на нашия спортен център Kraftmagnet. Удобната ѝ капачка позволява лесно напълване и лесно пренасяне.

За спортисти, за хидратация, за подарък, за кеф!

20.00 BGN
15.00 BGN
Powwow Club T-shirts

Spring suggestion – Powwow Club t-shirts.

You can buy the stylish t-shirts at Cybar. The available sizes are:    

Male t-shirts: S, M, L, XL

Female t-shirts: S, M, L

Our product for this month has a composition of - 95% cotton, 5% elastane.

For admirers, for fans, for gifts!

25.00 BGN
20.00 BGN
Palo Santo Sticks

The Palo Santo tree, from Spanish - the Holy Tree, was used by the Incas as a means of spiritual purification. This tree is not so known in Bulgaria, but its exceptional qualities carry his glory all over the world.

It is believed that the aromatic tree has a positive effect, provides energy protection, discards the negative energy, uplifts the spirit, and brings success... But it also has practical effects, as to cure headaches, relieve the symptoms of cold and flu, stress, asthma, anxiety, depression, inflammation, etc. It acts favorably on the immune and nervous system and speeds recovery.

Its origin is from South America, where local people often use it for tea. "Palo Santo" is a lemon-type compound that is believed to have a chemotherapeutic effect.

You can carry a piece of Palo Santo tree in your purse, in your pocket, in the cabinet, in the car and where you can only think of. It smells, soothes and excites. Most often, it's used by igniting it instead of aromatic sticks. After ignition it starts to smolder, and after a few seconds, the space is filled with sweet aroma and notes of eucalyptus.

1.00 BGN
0.50 BGN
Winter Collar Cybar

At your attention - a warm CYBAR ski collar with two faces.      

You can wear it on both sides, so choose the color according to your mood or the rest of your clothing. Besides a ski collar, you can wear it as a hat or headband. It's comfortable and does not take up much space, so you can put it easily in your pocket or backpack.

Adjustable with stopper connection.

Price for club members - 14.00lv 

20.00 BGN
16.00 BGN

In Kingdomino, you are a Lord seeking new lands in which to expand your kingdom. You must explore all the lands, wheat fields, lakes, and mountains in order to spot the best plots. But be careful as some other Lords also covet these lands...

Features of the game:

  • Rules: Easy
  • Type: Family, Strategic, Competitor
  • Size of the product: 20 x 20 x 5 cm
  • Material: Wood
  • Language: Language independent
  • Age: 8 +
  • Players: 2,3,4
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Weight: 1 kg
34.90 BGN
29.66 BGN