Coding Sunday - robot wars

23 February 2020 Sunday
From 2:00 PM
To 5:00 PM

Sunday is the time for something that you love, for a hobby, for hanging out with friends...
We offer you all those things at once - Code IN Sunday - with our friends from Polygon Junior Academy!

The event will be dedicated entirely to racing robotics and the types, disciplines, rules and regulations of robotics competitions in the world and in our country.

Surely, this will be interesting for everbody! Everyone is welcome ... and now attention: We are taking out the event, this time - at Cybar Tech and to get everyone there, without much wandering around, we will be waiting for the group at Cybar at exactly 14:00, and twenty minutes later we will head to the new location for the event.

Optionally - take your PC.
Lecturers of the event - engineers Daniel Denev and Orlin Dimitrov.

We expect you - Sunday – 2:00 – 5:00 PM.