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  • Powwow club is ready to re-open for you! 25/05/2021 09:34

    Dear friends, It's with greatest pleasure that we announce that Powwow Club is ready to re-open for you! From the 1st June 2021 we will be together again, we will be having fun and will put new exciting ideas into action! Cybar, Kraftmagnet and Dodo Academy are preparing loads of surprises for you.

    Some rule changes will make our club a safer and more secure place and the time spent there will be more active, creative and challenging! Be prepared and we will feed extra details every day from now until 1st June about the re-opening.

    One love, one club, overstand before join!

  • Оставаме ONline и след 1-ви април 01/04/2021 15:55

    Скъпи клубни членове,

    Въпреки отпускането на мерките за заведения и спортни центрове, ние продължаваме да смятаме, че все още не е дошъл момента да отворим клуба! Powwow club не иска да поставя в риск здравето на нито един клубен член или човек от екипа си..

    Докато се срещнем OFFline на по бира, Sunday brunch или просто на "плаж", следете ни ONline и участвайте активно в нашите игри и печелете от страхотните ни награди!

    До скоро!

  • Powwow still stays virtual past 1st March 01/03/2021 07:48

    Dear Powwow Members,

    Happy Baba Marta day to all of you and your families!

    The current time of pandemic has been hard to everyone, disrupting our everyday treasured habits and our moments of self indulgence. We all loved our time on the Cybar's beach terrace or in front of the board games with good music, good friends and good drinks. The lockdown on bars, sport centres and other public places has been difficult for many people who enjoyed socializing with friends regularly.

    It's been a long time already, but now we have the news that lockdown will be over from the 1st March 2021 - a public announcement that comes on the back of information about new record highs of infected people and extended and hardened lockdowns in lots of other European countries. The health and well-being of all our members and friends and your respective families and loved ones have been always a number one priority for the Powwow team! Therefore we believe it's not yet time to open the club - we don't want to risk the health even of a single member of our club or our team. We believe you will understand and will bare a little bit more with us until the real opening of Powwow Club!

    We use this the time efficiently, to be ready for a real reopening - with new spaces for you and new things to do! Party library corner, cinema place, VR and new games, new sports in the gym and even working on our own beer!

    The best is yet to come and we are eager to get together and share it with you as soon as possible! In the meantime follow out virtual events in Powwow.BG, games, quizes, interesting facts or listen to our own radiobroadcatst. Stay tuned to Powwow and be ready!

  • Актуална информация за отваряне на Powwow Club 29/01/2021 09:10

    Уважаеми клубни членове и приятели,

    Powwow Club ви уведомява, че ще отвори врати за Вас, тогава, когато може да гарантира предоставянето на всичките свои услуги и по начин гарантиращ здравето и безопасността на всички. В тази връзка, засега очакваната дата за отваряне е 1-и март, но потвърждението за това е въпрос на постоянно променящата се епидемична обстановка и регулации. Ще ви държим информирани своевременно. Пазете се!

  • Групови тренировки в Kraftmagnet gym 23/11/2020 14:30

    Уважаеми клиенти,

    Във връзка със заповед на РЗИ гр. Велико Търново (01-227 от 20.11.2020), преустановяваме всички групови тренировки до 30.11.2020 вкл.

    Индивидуалните ни фитнес услуги не спират! В Kraftmagnet gym тренирате на топло и уютно място, спазвайки всички противоепидемични мерки!

    Ние ви пазим, пазете се и вие.

    Powwow team